Saturday, March 1, 2014

You know you do it too!

Y'know that week, when you buy a new giant thing of laundry soap, and while you're measuring it out, you're a bit liberal?
"Laundry soap for you, laundry soap for you, everybody gets laundry soap!!" (I borrowed a little Oprah there *giggle*)
You pour in up to the top of the cap, feeling pleased that your clothes are gonna smell sooooooo good!

About halfway through the bottle, you start to get a little more practical.. That mini panic starts to set in..
"Gotta measure socks left behind.."
Then....the times comes with there's an inch or two in the bottom of the container....
"Hmmm...I'm sure those lines are just estimates....the clothes aren't THAT dirty..!"
(Oh come on! You know you've been there too!!)
The same thing happens with my favorite coffee creamer!
The first crack of that seal...
"Ooooooohhhhhhh my coffee's gonna be sooooo good!!"

Then the jug gets considerably lighter...
"Hm..well, I just wont add that extra dollop for a bit.."

Then you're down to the last dredges..SERIOUS panic attack time.
You add the last of it, doctor it with some milk and sugar and call your husband.
"Honey, PLEASE bring home creamer! The kind I like! No! The other kind! Never mind, I'm gonna run to the store myself, Thanksanywayloveyoubye!"

And back when I had babies in diapers, it was the same with baby wipes!
You open a fresh container..
"Oooooh, you are gonna have the cleanest little bum!! Hm....I wonder if I should clean the bathroom while I have these out.."

Halfway through the stack-
"Okay, let's make a pact to keep things solid shall we?"

At the end..
"Ok pumpkin, mama is gonna play a game!! We're only using ONE wipe! No matter what! Ninja mom style!"

Anyone? Anyone?? No? Just me? Carry on!


  1. With detergent, I'm pretty by the book - to the line it says for the size of the load. ;p With creamer, I have at er. With wipes, I definitely get panic at the end - even if I know there's another package in another room. lol However, I'm a HUGE believer in always having an extra of everything in the house.

  2. Yes, yes, YES!!! Hahaha!!! This is so me.

  3. Yes yes yes! Hersheys and pancake syrup is 1 we do this with!
    Gotta love Costco for helping us avoid these types if situations as much as possible hehe

    1. Hahahahaha!! That is so awesome :)
      Thanks for reading!