Sunday, March 2, 2014

It really is that simple..

  • Last night. laying in bed, I was thinking about what blog topic I was going to write today. A couple different ideas were rolling around in my head and it was like this particular one was highlighted, so to speak. Then, this morning in church, our guest speaker started his sermon talking about "how simple it is", and I took that as encouragement! 

A couple days ago, I had a conversation with a friend, talking about Jesus, and salvation, and who believes what, and "the process" and so on. With permission from this beautiful lady, I would like to share our short conversation.

  • Friend: So here is my spiritual situation. I have never doubted the existence of Jesus. I just have my own beliefs on certain things and have not found the right "match." I also know only a little on Christian theology. I was never baptized and only attended church sporadically with my grandparents. So, I tell people I have faith, just not a home for it.
  • Me: Ahhhhhhhh that's pretty well spelled out! So here's whats up about that. There are lots of different denominations of Christianity. The long and short of it is this. If you believe that Jesus came down to earth in the form of a human, died on the cross as payment for your sins, and that you will one day live in heaven with Him, then that's the base of what you need to know. There aren't any tricks. However. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman. He wont force himself into your heart or into your life. You have to ask. So you pray. And you tell Jesus that you want Him to live in your heart, that you invite Him in. That you admit that you're a sinner and that without His sacrifice you would go to hell. You don't need to be baptized to be saved. It is the next outward step in SHOWING your salvation to the public, but it isn't required for salvation. And once you're saved, no one can take that from you.
  • Friend: I have never had it so simply put before. Thank you. Very much.

As soon as our conversation was over, I went over it several times in my mind. Jesus didn't make it complicated. 
It really is that simple.


  1. You are the first religious leader of any kind(that I know) to put it so simply and believe that is the way it should be. Most that I have met are always insistent that you need to go to their church to have a relationship with God, Jesus, or The Holy Spirit. Thank you for validating my own personal thoughts on this.

    1. Well, I want to clarify, that I'm not a "religious leader" at all, but I am a follower of Christ, and pursuing my credentials to become a pastor :). LOL! I lovers you :)
      But in all seriousness, I don't care where you go to church. I care about your soul, and if you know Jesus or not. Would I like you to come to my church? Of course! I love coffee/worship/Jesus buddies! Is it a requirement? Nope, not a chance.