Saturday, March 15, 2014

What are YOU good at?

Growing up, and even now, I've always wanted a hobby. Something that I'm good at. Something that I can get lost in and feel confident about.
Today, watching something on television, I was watching a woman paint. She was incredible, extremely talented, and while I was watching I realized that I was starting to feel that familiar longing for some kind of talent of my own. I was becoming sad.
So, I decided to come here and whine to all of you.
But as soon as I clicked on my blog button I realized that I had no reason to be throwing a private pity party, and decided to write a different kind of blog instead.

How often do we downplay our strengths? No, really, how often? Almost every single one of us do this every single day. Why? Because! Because it's not modest to tell people that we're good at something! We wait for our spouses or our friends to tell someone else how talented we are in a certain area, and then we smile humbly, blush a little, and DOWNPLAY it!
So, this was originally going to be a sad "I can't paint my way out of a box" post, but instead I'm going to list some strengths of mine. No to brag, but because every once in awhile, we need to be reminded that we all have gifts. So, here goes!
It's me! MJ! And these are my strengths!

1. I'm good at being passionate about Jesus.                                                                                             
 It's not something that I can control, or put a lid on, this is just one of those things that bubbles up inside of me, and I get to proclaim it! What a privilege it is! I love being open to the Lord, and being able to witness the things that He does, and then give Him glory! I love it. And ask my friends, I have a hard time shutting up about His love ;) !

2. I'm good at reading.
   Sound weird? Probably a little right? I don't think I was ever "taught" to read. Probably a little, but I flew pretty immediately with this one. In 6th grade I had a 12th grade reading level. It takes me a couple hours to read a book, not a couple days, *and* I love doing it. Not to mention it gives me all these smarty -pants words to add to my vocabulary ;).

3. I'm good at being a mom.
    Ooooooohh, how many of us wont say that out loud for fear of sounding snotty or self righteous?! My children are fed, clothed, warm, listened to, played with, getting the best education I can provide for them, and most importantly, they are loved. Don't get me wrong, there are temper tantrums and times outs, and tears and pouty faces. But the laughter, and the hugs, and the smiles, and the I love you's, WAY outweigh all of that!
I love my kids no matter what. Nothing that they could do would make me stop loving them, so I think it's important to act that way towards them so that they know that. I don't mean that I don't think there shouldn't be structure, and discipline and obedience in the home, on the contrary, I think it's necessary, and an act of love towards our children to teach them how to be good adults.

4. I'm a good hula hooper.
    LOL! You don't even know! I can do tricks and stuffs! ;)

5. I'm good in school.
    This. THIS is something that I wouldn't have said a year ago. Because a year ago, I would be remembering high school, and I would remember not caring all that much, or being that interested. But I'm in school now, with the goal of attaining my credentials to become a pastor, and I'm good at it! I focus, I study, I absorb, and honestly, I love it. I love it so much.
*cough* Well...hermeneutics is a bit on the rougher side of love, but it's still in the ball park ;).

6. I'm good at being loud.
   What?? Yup, you want someone to come to your event, or party, or meeting and stir up some excitement? You got it! I will clap, and cheer, and laugh, and engage! Hold me back or I might start to sing! I embarrass my poor husband all the time! I yell out answers, and crack silly jokes. I love to see people having a good time doing whatever they're doing!

Ok.....I'm going to go back and correct all my spellcheck errors, because that's something I'm NOT good, at, spelling!

I want to know though, what are YOU good at? Tell me in the comments!


  1. I am good a defusing a bad situation, at least enough to help the people involved take a step back, laugh and revisit the situation with a new outlook.
    I am a good speller.
    I am good at puzzles...especially crosswords, jigsaws, and wordplay..this helps me be good at my job as an inventory control representative.
    I am good at making others laugh.
    I am good at cheerleading and helping others with their personal accountability goals.
    I am good at standing up for the underdog..I do not tolerate hate or bullies.
    I am pretty good at this ;)

    1. AWESOME!!! So so awesome!! I LOVE this Eva!!! *mwah*

  2. I am a good listener and advisor.
    I am getting good at standing up for myself and others. It has been a work in progress, but there has been SO much progress that I am just a wee bit proud of myself.
    I, too, am a good reader. I can read a book in a few hours and love all kinds of books. I also feel like it has improved my vocabulary and with the right books, my knowledge of history or current events.

  3. I'm good at fighting. That may not sound like a good thing but in a battle (be it court or just dealing with a mistake by your travel agent), I'm your girl! I am also fiercely loyal and will defend my friends and family to the bitter end :) (and I too am NOT a good speller!)

  4. I'm good at being a procrastinator, making coffee, making sure my husbands belly button is lint free, being an unrepentant grammar nazi (on the inside--because I am also very very good at not rocking the boat). I will definitely visit this topic again soon, because I am going to go deeper (I know, deeper than belly button lint?!? How??) when I steal this topic shamelessly in a blog post of my own.

    I also suggest you do it again as well, because I am confident there was much left out of this one that you are superbly gifted in. Love your face.

  5. You left out how awesome you are at being thoughtful, what an amazing friend you are, and your impeccable skill in inserting sound effects and stage direction to provide JUST the right atmosphere for all your thoughts...I can TOTALLY be right there with you for every emotion, because you have an uncanny ability to bring us all right into each one. Love you!!