Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bed Time Again...

Welp, here we are again. It's 10:21 PM and I'm exhausted and ready for bed.
Where did today, just like every other day, go?
I have plans, and lists, and intentions! Things are going to get done, I'm going to be productive!

And then life happens.
And suddenly you're sitting in the driving isle of the grocery store parking lot with a blown up car.
Four hours after that, you're sweeping up a pound of kitty litter that somehow spilled all over the bathroom while you were cleaning up three clumps of poo that the cat decided would be fun to play with.
Outside of the (litter)box, it's not just for thinking anymore. *giant sigh*
Maybe it only *felt* this dramatic..

I was productive today though. I cleaned my closet. It's a big closet. And it was a giant mess. Really. It is. And it was.
I'm very short on the whole cash flow thing right now, due to the car in the parking lot situation, and well, life, so not only did I clean my closet, but I actually went through it. Picked out all the things that don't fit, or that I don't wear, or that I'm only kidding myself when I picked it out, and I bagged them up to resale. Every dime helps right? *giant sigh* (are you picking up on the theme here?)

I look around, and even though the closet and clothing thing literally took me hours to do (I'm not kidding, it's a giant walk in closet.), my night stand table is still a mess. And it's mocking me inches from my elbow as I type. I know that my stairs need vacuuming, and while I scrubbed the bathroom floor and toilet after I cleaned the kitty litter, I know that the sink could use some attention. And the laundry...and the windows... *giant sigh*

It seems that the earlier I get up, the longer my to do list gets, and the more productive I feel like I need to be. I need to figure out how to be thrilled that the closet is clean and not worry about the lack of studying that got done. Because right now it's bedtime (again) and tomorrow morning is brand new.


  1. You probably get more done in a day than you think. I found that it made me feel better, instead of making a to do list and erasing items from it, I write things down as I do them. If I see the list getting bigger of the things I've done, it's more rewarding to me than a list full of things that get smaller.

  2. If I can say I have a bit less than I did at the beginning of the day, I declare victory. I'm grateful his mercies are new every morning.