Friday, March 7, 2014

A Girl Can Dream...

I have fantastic news! A genie has granted me the most incredible wish! I get to design and pick out my dream writing room!
Okay, not really, but what a beautiful dream... I'm going to pretend that it's true though, and design away. Who's with me!?

Ok...dream space...
I would need a decent sized room, one of those gigantic living room sized rooms.

One wall would be entirely made up of a beautiful salt water reef aquarium,

 I would (of course) have an elaborate coffee station,
and a deep, deep sofa to dream up blog ideas on.

Ooohh, and maybe over by that beautiful sofa, bunches and bunches of books and a fireplace!

 A beautiful antique 1920's French drafting table!! *gasp* I can't tell you how much I adore that style!

Windows. So many windows...stained glass on the top so that gorgeous patterns showed up on the carpeting when the sun shone through them! Ooh, speaking of carpet! That amazing deep and soft plush carpet? Yup, let's add that!
And the view out the windows...lush greens with a glimpse of water would be perfect!

I LOVE how this is coming together! It's not perfect yet, and probably will change according to my moods and wants and desires...but that's why it's a dream!
Dream big or go home right?


  1. I absolutely LOVE this!!! Such a fun, creatively thought provoking idea!

    1. I made a room for you just off of this one :) We share a kitchen and a lounge area ;)
      **Rooms for all my squirrels!!**