Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sometimes it's not, but sometimes it is.

Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes it's not, but sometimes it is. I know that personally, there are times that I can't understand why there is one thing after another coming down on me.

I am currently going to school to become a pastor. In the time of your training, there is a period that is known as "testing time". Not a pencil to paper test, or even on the computer, but personal trials.
Satan comes to try to tear you away from doing to work of the Lord, to make things as difficult as possible so that you will decide that it's easier to fly under the radar and not want to serve our King.

In the past 5 months, we have had two different cars blow up. (Not literally, but close enough) We have had computers crash, and kids in hospitals. We have had financial difficulty and childrens school issues. Friendships have been tested and lives have been changed.

But God can turn every single negative and bad thing in your life to be good and glorify Him. It might not be seen right away or even soon(ish), but it will happen if you trust Him. Every single one of those things that I talked about above, turned out for His glory.

I'm choosing to call this time "My refining fire". I will go through these situations, these circumstances, and I will praise Jesus. I will lean on Him for strength when it's more then I can handle and I will trust in His promises. Jesus will carry me through.

During this time, I am making it my goal to learn. Learn from these experiences that I don't have any control over and learn how to give it all to God. All of it. My reactions to emergencies, my worries about finances, my terror when my children are unwell, my love and my marriage. It's all God's anyway, and my shoulders aren't big enough. But His are.

Friends, Coffee-Beans, please know that "testing time" doesn't only come to those who are studying in pastoral ministry, I'm not part of a "special few". If this is happening to you, please trust that the Lord will pick you up and carry you.


  1. Great post! We all have trials, but you're right - it's important to remember that our God is bigger than all of it.

  2. I feel like when bad things happen, it's actually saving you from something far worse. :)

  3. Thank you. I needed this reminder. <3