Friday, February 28, 2014

Read...? Or walk away...?

Let me lay out a little scenario for you. You're in a beautiful coffee shop, casually people watching out the window, sipping a caramel macchiato, probably daydreaming a little bit (are you picturing it?), when a stranger walks up to you.

"Excuse me, are you ____________ (insert your name here)?"
You nod, a little confused, and ask how you can help them.
The stranger lays an ancient, beautiful, leather bound book on the table. The title is your name.
"This book is the story of your life. You are welcome to read it if you wish. The only requirement is that if you choose to open it, you must read it from cover to cover. You may not change your mind and stop reading."
MJ...this is your life...

What do you do? 
How do you respond?
Do you take time to think about it?
Do you dive right in, wanting to know everything as quickly as possible, or do you pause?

For me.....I think it would be temping. Who doesn't want to know what our lives have in store for us? What choices we will make, how things will turn out, what the outcome of situations that have been plaguing us will be...
I would have to politely decline. I'm certain that it would be hard, but I would have to take my coffee and walk away.
 I can't imagine all the surprise taken out of my life. The beautiful amazing-ness that I get to revel in each day while looking at my children imagining their future. The promises that I lean on that God has plans for me and for my family that He has yet to reveal. It would be almost painful, I think, to take that away from myself. To rob myself of that for my curiosity's sake.

What about you? What would you choose? 


  1. I agree with you. Only God knows the outcome and as long as my name is written in His book than I am happy.

    1. I love that, Kris! "As long as my name is written in His book..." Love it :))

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  3. I agree as well. walk away.

    1. Thank you for reading and sharing your view with me!!

  4. My answer is no, thank you:) I love the surprises, and wouldn't want to torture myself with the heartaches ahead. I'll take it all as it comes:) But a very cool concept:)

  5. Well, I think I would take the book, thank him and go home slowly and read it. But, I am older than most of you, so I have my children grown, and I would like to see how many years I would have left with my dear sweet hubby, so we could make the most of them
    . And yes, my name is written down in God's Book.

  6. Love this question. I have to say I would not read it either. Possibly for a slightly different reasons, though. I like to believe that my story hasn't been fully written yet. That I have decisions I will have to make that may change my story. I imagine the story of my life to be only partially full, the remainder, blank pages just waiting for me to write it. Full of potential and possibility.

    Great piece. You had me at caramel macchiato. XOXO