Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Receiving the Call

Hi! I'm MJ. I'm married, I have three kids, and I'm currently going to school to be a pastor. Yup, a pastor. Usually this is where the wide eyed expressions, the poorly hid "shock face", and the questions start. I'll go ahead and start at the beginning.
You're *what*?

About five months ago, I attended a woman's christian conference with my mom and a friend. It was in Northern Wisconsin at a bible camp, and it was incredible! I had just started really digging deep into my relationship with God, and I was really enjoying to solidarity of a group of women all together with the same purpose.

On the schedule for the morning was a devotional. So I went into the sanctuary with the rest of the women and listened to the speaker, and then began some individual time with The Lord. Now, if you're a woman, you know that sometimes you can't quiet your mind. You have twelve different thoughts going on at the same time, different worries, different distractions, and no matter what you do you can't get them to calm down into one focus. This is what was happening to me. After about ten frustrating minutes of trying to focus, I gave up and (probably sighing loudly) looked for someone who was "in charge" of the conference.
That's when I met Joanne! I walked up to her and explained that I couldn't quiet my mind to do my devotionals and would she mind praying for me. She said of course, laid hands on me, and began to pray. She started praying for my request, and then quickly moved on to areas of my life that I hadn't shared with her. And she was spot on. When we were done she asked if I was in ministry in my church. I said that I wasn't, and she said "Well hold on sister, cause you're about to be!".
Returning from the conference with renewal and enthusiasm, I spent the final day of the weekend at church and with my family. That Monday morning, I got up and began getting ready for the day. But my shower turned out a little different then normal.
I'm reaching for my shampoo when I hear a voice say "Enroll in school, do your course work, get your credentials, you are now in pastoral ministry."
I spun around in the shower. I peeked my head out of the shower curtain. I called my husband into the bathroom and asked him if he just heard that. With his negative response, I told him I was gonna go ahead and start the process of enrolling in school to be a pastor. He was shocked but immediately supportive.
I called my pastor. Same response.
I called my mom. Same response.
I called my dad. Shocked. Offered to fund my course work!
I HAD JUST HEARD THE VOICE OF GOD! Now tell me, that when you're in your shower, and you hear God speaking to you, that your response isn't going to be "Um, yup, no problem God. Absolutely anything You say!". Cause that's where I went with it!

Since then I have been moving forward with my course work, growing in my relationship with The Lord, and keeping my sights on what Jesus has for me and my family. This isn't something that I ever expected or even thought that I would ever want for my life, but that's really the kicker- it's not my life to want for, it's His.
I can't wait to find out what is in store for us next!


  1. So blessed to get to watch this happen! <3

    1. And *I* am so very grateful for your friendship!

  2. Update! I just finished another course! I'm now in chapter three of my FIFTH course!! It's going so so fast!
    Hermeneutics....feel free to pray for me on this one ;)